Moon Maker Protocol


At Moon Maker Protocol (MMP), everyone is an owner. Our token launch and investment platform, based on the decentralized finance (DeFi) system, is committed to fairness, as evidenced by our practice of redistributing 30% of the transaction fees as reward tokens. As we grow, so do our token holders.

What is MMP’s advantage over other platforms?

Numerous DeFI projects, introduced on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), have drawn investments from crypto investors with support from BSC Launchpad.

The centralized launchpad is a successful crypto-incubator platform. However, limitations like project size, objective and, most of all, the requirement for an initial fund, prevent developers of DeFI projects from participating on it.

At MMp, we recognize this shortfall and combine the best of both worlds - the idea of a centralized launchpad with the advantages of DeFi. Everyone can promote their own ideas and tokens at MMP.

MMP is a high potential growth token that aims to provide high returns to investors. We have successfully launched our first airdrop (MMPw1) in the crypto world, and plan to release products such as Lotto, IFO and ICO tokens to boost our tokenomics in the near future.

As a result, holding MMP tokens is not only beneficial for capital gains, but also provides the following advantages:

  • Higher returns from MMP warrant product (MMPw1) – a benefit no other platform offers

  • Free airdrop access to claim free tokens

  • Launchpad participation to receive new launch tokens

  • Holder receives 30% of every transaction fee in MMP tokens

  • Lotto participation for a chance to win the lucky draw

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