What is MVP COIN (MVP)?

MVP COIN (MVP) is a utility token that is used to access tourism and travel related services within the ecosystem of M Vision Public Company Limited. It aims to provide a decentralized platform to boost the tourism industry of Thailand through the digitization of its assets with blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

Market Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has casted a shadow over tourism industry of Thailand as witnessed from several travel restrictions and a large drop in number of tourists, both locals and foreigners However, “en plein air” or outdoor tourism has become a trend especially for teenagers who are familiar with blockchain and digital token.

Token Utility

MVP Coin (MVP) is a digital asset that can be used for caravans and tourism related services of M Vision PCL in Thailand (equivalent to blockchain e-voucher) Blockchain Technology and utility token are the key components that will transform MVP Coin to become a transparent and reliable token for the given services of M Vision PCL. Multitechnology Expert Co., has studied and issued MVP Coin for a marketing purpose and as a transparent tool to eradicate transfer difficulties for customers of M Vision’s service economy in Thailand. Services and Packages are redeemable with MVP Coin until 31 December 2021 Coin holders can contact for more information at

Token Distribution

Customer focus is our priority. It is our value to create a user-friendly platform of MVP Coin that can enable user to experience the variety of services with quick and precise process.

Tokenomic Overview

Name: MVP Coin

Initial : MVP

Token Address : 0x3379a0bdf5a5cb566127c421782686ba0f80490a

Total Issued Coin = 1,000,000,000 MVP

Distribution Plan

27/05/2021 Loyalty Customer - 10,000,000 MVP 1%

27/05/2021 Management Team - 100,000,000 MVP 10%

27/05/2021 Marketing - 100,000,000 MVP 10%

27/05/2021 Company Reserve - 100,000,000 MVP 10%

14/06/2021 Pre Sale - 390,000,000 MVP 39%

To be confirmed Listing - 300,000,000 MVP 30%

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