How to invest in imo

How to invest in IMO?

  1. Check the timeline for exactly when the IMO for each project will take place.

  2. Decide how many IMO units you want to buy.

  3. Check your privilege tier; each tier has its own maximum limits for buying IMO.

  4. If you need more hard cap to buy IMO than your current tier can provide, you may buy more MMP and wMMP for staking to increase your hard cap. Now you reserve the right to buy IMO as per the required amount.

  5. Prepare mmUSD to buy the amount of IMO as permitted by your tier.

  6. When the period of IMO selling starts, enter the amount of mmUSD to buy the IMO, then click “Approve mmUSD”.

  7. Next, click “Commit mmUSD”. The system will show the mmUSD committed. When the mmUSD is successfully committed to the system, you will have to wait until the time the IMO buying period is completed.

How to claim IMO tokens?

  1. As soon as the IMO period is completed, a “claim” function will become active. Click to claim your IMO; then the IMO token and surplus mmUSD will be transferred to your wallet.

  2. Token ID will appear after claiming the IMO. You may copy the token ID and paste it in your wallet.

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